Co-founder & Full-Stack Developer / TractionB2B / Berlin Full time

Co-founder & Full-Stack Developer / TractionB2B
Berlin / Full time

Traction is a Market Network for digitalisation projects. We match innovative companies with industrial and service SME's in need to digitalise. We help both sides to manage business relationships, find new partners and to grow faster by capitalising on innovation, reputation and collaboration.

  • We offer a 'B2B-needs-specialized', 'relevant-match-guarantee' solution to help businesses gain traction faster. Features include:
  • Detailed company profiles and relationships
  • Semantically automated match-making of the supply and demand side for services
  • Recommendation/Review function for business partner
  • Communication/collaboration/relationship management tools

The scalable platform initially focuses on digital/ICT/IoT-solutions for healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing firms. TractionB2B envisions to capture the B2B service sector in the medium-term and becoming the global go-to company review and business development web-app in the long-run.


Together with a hands-on CTO, you are responsible for building the desired platform, to add features, to adapt to users, to improve and scale it globally; interactions with the Business and Design side are frequent. You will be involved in the full tech stack (JS, react, node, redux, MongoDB, …).


Like us you should share the believe that

  • Small, digital companies and risky ventures are urgently needed to help our economic & social systems improve
  • It is possible to break open, change and improve old organizations and structures
  • the most sustainable economic development and true innovation needs collaboration of strategic partners, rather than competition
  • not nepotism, large sales budgets from past profits and chance, but the best technology and the best reputation should decide about the commercial success of a venture



We believe that fast learning skills prevail over past experience, that open communication can overcome all cultural barriers and that a shared vision and distinguished responsibilities and skills lead to organizational success.



  • Sizeable share in the project
  • Competitive salary and benefits as soon as funding is attracted
  • Small and fast growing team, responsibility, product complexity
  • An organization aiming for long-run collaboration and creating a unique work-place

How to apply?

To apply for this job email your details to us.



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